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Traditional Kelly 25,28,32,35 and 40cm

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35cm Canvas Beige Kelly with Togo Leather Tan Leather

Price : US$310+35


35cm Calf Leather Light Brown Kelly

Price : US$315+35


25cm Calf Leather Black Kelly

Price: US$290+35

28cm Shiny Leather Bright Red Kelly(no ribs type)

Price: US$300+35


32cm Calf Leather Black Kelly (Ribs Type)    

Price: US$320+35


35cm Calf Leather Black Kelly (Ribs Type) 

Price: US$320+35


35cm Togo Leather Black Thick Kelly (no ribs type)  

Price: US$330+35

35cm Togo Leather Black Thin Kelly (no ribs type)

Price : US$320+35 

40 cm Togo Leather Medium Brown Kelly (no ribs type)  

Price: US$380+40

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